Sperling Neurosurgery Associates: Leading Specialists in Neuravive/MRgFUS Procedure for Essential Tremor
Are you or is someone you love suffering from Essential Tremor (ET)? Essential tremor, a non-life threatening condition, is a progressive condition that causes shakiness in the hands, head, voice and other parts of the body. Tremors can become serious enough that ordinary tasks become impossible. In addition to frustration and hopelessness, ET patients experience embarrassment and a sense of isolation. Medication is effective in only about 50% of cases, and many patients don’t want an invasive brain surgery involving an incision, hole drilled in the skull, probes or implants inserted in the brain, and the risks that accompany them.

Rest assured, Sperling Neurosurgery Associates is here to put your mind at ease. Our Neurosurgery Team offers the Neuravive MRgFUS procedure for ET. This noninvasive breakthrough treatment uses focused beams of ultrasound to destroy the tiny area of the brain that causes tremors. The outpatient procedure involves no surgery or radiation, and recovery is very rapid. There is no risk of infection and no damage to other brain areas. Results are immediate and durable.

Our team members are committed to excellence in clinical care and compassion. We are proud to offer the most advanced technology to control symptoms and restore quality of life.

Dr. Dan Sperling, M.D., D.A.B.R.

Dr. Dan Sperling, a radiologist, is a globally recognized innovator and leader in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for image-based diagnosis and treatment guidance as well as the Medical Director of the Sperling Neurosurgery Associates. He has led the Group’s installation of breakthrough focused ultrasound treatments inside the MRI. All our neurosurgical procedures are performed by board certified experienced neurosurgeons.

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Patient Stories

For Essential Tremor patients who have struggled to come to terms with a life of dealing with tremors, the Neuravive MRgFUS procedure brings results that some experience as practically miraculous. As one of our patients expressed, “I think the experience was wonderful, it was life changing for me, I have a 95% improvement in my hand.”

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Dr. Dan Sperling and Jodi Meyer, a Sperling Neuro patient who received our Neuravive ultrasound treatment for her essential tremors, join The Doctors to discuss how the procedure works, why only one side of the brain is treated, and how life has improved for Jodi post-treatment.

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