The Neuravive MRgFUS treatment literally transforms and renews quality of life for ET patients.

Our patient Sheila, age 66, recalled, “I think the experience was wonderful, it’s a life changer for me, I have a 95% improvement in my hand.” Of her experience with our team of medical professionals she states, “I have worked in the medical field for 25 years and have never met a neurosurgeon and his staff so warm and dedicated to the patient, taking the time to explain and talk me through the entire procedure.”

After their procedure, our patients report how their lives are improved:

Andrew – “The procedure went well. I have full use of my right hand, doing things that I couldn’t before do. It’s the beginning of what I call a game changer.”

Harriet – “It’s remarkable. I’m steady now. That’s all I can say.”

Ana – “I feel great. I feel amazing. I feel excellent. When I came out of the machine and the doctor asked me to put out hands and my right hand was no longer shaking, it hit me. I have had brain surgery without being cut, without being touched, and this miracle happened.”

Featured Testimonial: Cesar

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