Better Diet, Bigger Brain

Better Diet, Bigger Brain - Sperling Neurosurgery Associates
“…diet, a modifiable lifestyle factor, holds the ability to modulate brain health and function.” From Murphy et al. 2014 What’s the best way to measure brain health? Is it by observing how well a person performs on paper-and-pencil challenges? Movement tests? Social behavior? Brain structure based on imaging? An additional way might be to infer optimum brain keep reading

Categories of Tremors

Essential Tremor - Sperling Neurosurgery Associates
The world of tremors is filled with mysteries and puzzles. Not even the best medical professionals can unravel every person’s unique situation. According to one source, general neurologists treating tremor have a diagnostic error rate of 25% to 35%.i This is partly due to the fact that there are different categories of tremors, and there keep reading
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